Travels with the Beard – Nepal and Beyond

Our travels, chickens and surviving life


We’re certainly unlikely travelers, Tod and me, and yet we’ve been about a bit; bumbled around a few fascinating and distant countries.

The blog is called  ‘Travels with the Beard’  and that says it all really. It’s attached to Tod’s face, and is still pretty big and bushy. It broke the ice when we spent time in India, and then when we stayed 5 months in Nepal it really opened doors for us! Beards are few and far between there, and just about everyone we met had something to say about it. ‘Beard pulling’  is all the rage there now.

Nepal, that most magnificent of countries, home to the mighty Everest;  well, part of it anyway. We first went there in 2009 and were smitten with the children we attempted to teach English to; and with the villagers who lived high up in the Everest Region. We returned in 2011 and were again welcomed like long lost friends, beard and all.

So, we’re going back again next year.  Also to China and Bhutan.

We’re from Liverpool, England, and still live in the north of England.

Our first two trips are in book form (and eBook) called…. ‘A Beard In Nepal’  and ‘A Beard In Nepal 2 – Return to the Village’  by Fiona Roberts  (that’s me). The books grew from the ‘Yak News Emails’ which made our friends and colleagues laugh. Actually they laughed in disbelief, and for that we could not blame them.
Further info on the books, and other books, can be found at:



2 responses to “About

  1. paulina says:

    If you have anything to translate I would love to work with you.

    Many blessings


  2. paulina says:

    If you have anything to translate just let me know.

    Many blessings

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